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What is Soccer City The Game?

What is Soccer City The Game?

Soccer City is a football game... or a boardgame... uhmmmmm... a cards game? Soccer City is all that together and much more!

We are two guys from Spain that invented this game and one day decided to make it real. We started promoting Soccer City months ago, making friends and followers from all over Spain and even other parts of the world. But almost no one really knows what is Soccer City and how it works.

Well, it is time that we give you a basic understanding of what we're dealing with...

Soccer City is a strategy game. TOTAL FOOTBALL ON A BOARDGAME.
The game is played on a mechanical of Events by turns. Each player, or as we have called, each Mister, will cause those Events during the course of the game, to help reach the goal and to score ... easy, right?.


*Events? What are these events and how they cause?

Well, this  is the heart of Soccer City. Events are dribbling, shots on goal, goalkeepers interventions, passing, tactics, etc. That is, any action that might occur during a real game of football, and that you may decide to perform in a given time.
Events are represented by cards of different types. The set consists of a total of 168 cards. And every Mister will  have in his hand a specific number of carts to compose his strategy and make his move.

*Why so many cards?

Football is a sport in which two moves rarely occur with equal and identical result. Similarly, the combination of many cards in Soccer City leads to new situations constantly. The same shot on target will not always be a goal, or the same dribble will not generate the same result every time you play it. It all depends on each Mister and how they play their cards.
But if it is a card game, why the board and the little pieces?
These little pieces are the players. Each Mister will align 7 per team. One will be the goalkeeper
The Mister of each team will place their players on the board, which is a field divided into hexagonal cells. During the course of the game, each Mister will have the option to move his players through various options, as well as another important part of the game, the ball.

*Seven players?

Yes, 7. Actually each Mister has nine players on his team, but only seven of them will be aligned and the other two will will be substitutions. They all have numbers on, that define values and possible roles.

*How long is the game?

The playing time is very, very variable. The game is designed to last about the same as a real football match,  45 minutes. However, both Mister can, and indeed they must, before starting the game to agree how long they will play. One half, a complete match, with or without extension ...
This time is not real time, it is rather an estimate, since it depends on the ease they have both contenders. The knowledge of the cards and mechanics will cause the games are not only faster, if not much more fun and exciting for the contestants and even for casual spectators.

*And the mechanics... Are they difficult?

ABSOLUTELY NO. Our advice is: "Take your time to learn and assimilate the rules of the game. Soon you will notice the similarities it has with real football. Learn to play the cards. They're your weapons during the match and the game base. Your success will largely depend on your knowledge and your skills to play them.
If in doubt apply common sense. And if still not convinced, read the rules again. "

*How many players can play?

We have said that are called Mister! Well, they can play 2-4. It does not mean that there will 4 teams on the field, if not each team will have 2 Mister, each one with cards in his hand and independent of his teammate.

*And now the question you all are planning to do: When Soccer City will be for sale? I want it. I WANT IT!

Okay, okay, per order! Do not freak out! We know you're eager to have a copy (or more) of Soccer City ... but we still do not have a exact release date. We just can say that it will be before December 2013.
We approach the end of the game creation stage. We begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Both Ruben Salgueiros (designer) and Jorge Consuegra (illustrator) are working hard to take forward the design and illustration.
We will launch soon the Verkami (crowdfunding) campaign to raise part of the funds needed to produce the game. We have not fully defined strategy yet, but we do have a pretty good idea of ​​how we are going to present the campaign and the rewards that we will provide.
We will have significant reductions in the price of the game and unique products and limited edition.

Well, we hope to have explained Soccer City The Game and how it works. However note that any questions you can freely make it and we will try to solve it.
Be alert because we will keep you informed of developments.

The English version of the web page is on production, so if you need info in English just do the question on twitter, facebook or the blog and we will answer shortly.

More pictures of the game

Soccer City. The beautiful game

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