miércoles, 7 de septiembre de 2016

The New Expansion and the Exclusive Soccer City Playing Cards

Hello friends!

We are very happy to announce we are ready to launch our next Soccer City project:

The Soccer City Playing Cards & Poker Deck and the New Tactical Expansion, including new Tactics and new Attacking and Defensive Actions!

Our intention is launching a new Kickstarter campaign to get the funds enough to produce them.

We have made the first samples, which you can see below.

We are publishing this post in order to tease you a little, but more important for us, it is knowing your thoughts and suggestions. Below, you can see the new Action Cards.

Please note that definite translations are still in the kitchen. Our main concern about that is the proper names of each action. If you think that they are not correct or you thought a better one, we will be happy to hear about it.

We are planning to launch the new campaign before the end of this year, so all this time we want to use it to warm up and have feedback from you.

Once again, you are an essential piece of the Soccer City project. We are very proud to count on you.

Soccer City, the beautiful game